Mein erster Schritt, meine alles! / My first step, my everything!

just my first step



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(totally addicted to Ann-Kathrin Vida, don’t ask why and when, it just happened!)

My name is Kasia, I am 28, of Polish nationality, and into absolutely everything. I am not a prominent writer or publicist but I love writing, anyways; I have literally one million thoughts in a second and have to vent my emotions. And the most important: I am vegan, but no vegterrorist as long as I don’t need to become one (I do think, however, that all meat eaters suck and are weak as fuck and pathetic while explaining why do people need meat whereas people don’t need meat and animal derived ingredients at all). I would love to share with you my reasonable diet without killing or exploiting living souls. Killing is wrong in general and I don’t want to be a psycho. I understand people as long as they understand me. I find every kind of war repugnant and I hate to fight with different people when there’s no need to. I do everything I can to support people and animals who need my help. I also support different organisations that fight for animals everywhere (love knows no borders) and love this life. Hello! I know the secret of perfect life… LOVE!



Facebook: mofosuperheroe ❤

(ganz süchtig nach Ann-Kathrin Vida, frag nicht wieso und wann, ist einfach passiert!)

Ich heiße Kasia, bin 28, von polnische Staatgehörigkeit, interessiere mich für alles. Ich bin keine Dichterin aber ich liebe schreiben. Bin vegan, aber kein Vegterrorist (trotzdem glaub ich dass alle Fleischfresser scheiß sind wenn erklären warum die Menschen das Fleisch brauchen wohingegen die Menschen brauchen kein Fleisch und keine tierische Bestandteile. Tieren  und Menschen sind gleichen und nur Liebe ist alles ❤



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Saturday morning TV show. A lot of more or less important topics and at the end, there always comes this little one song performance of a particular singer or band, this time Bars & Melody.

As I don’t know this duet, I carefully listen to the interview. Hundreds of girls standing in front of the building of the morning TV show.

Except for the fact that one of those guys is vegan, I wouldn’t check them out 😀

It doesn’t, however, change my feelings… I AM TOO OLD! 😀 I perfectly remember my idols: I was frequently in love with everything they said, did, whatever. I loved and accepted everything about them. I wanted them to be my neighbours, friends, and so on… Oh, yeah 😀 How I wish to be 14 again 🙂 I wish my time was not running out so fast… And that’s why I should live to the maximum ❤

Next destination: four German cities 😀 I haven’t made a decision which ones yet, however 😀

How do you cope with the time that passes by so fast?


Love your life and do everything you can to be a good person ❤

Lately, I have had too harsh times to get my head straight that I wanted to jump out of the window but everything’s OK now, let’s say.

I am a bit sad that people think about me only when they need someone to talk to about their problems and shit.




Snapchat doesn’t bite, woohoo!

Don’t ask me what smartphone is; I have never had such wonderful device in my hands. Don’t ask me what Snapchat is; my ability to use all those applications and stuff ended up in 2008 when I created my FB account. But today… I just fell in love with Snapchat as I had so much fun taking crazy pictures



My next step or my new year’s resolution will be… getting a smartphone 🙂

I am not a technology freak but maybe I should give it a chance and try all the joy which is somewhere behind me… I am a bit confused about it. What do you guys think?

A 28-year-old… and too old for her age? 🙂

(I love my niece Ala who is there above and my niece Zosia who is too baby to get such things as… pictures)

Enjoy! 😀

Love yourself because nobody will ever love you more <3

Have you ever been scared that people will eat you alive because… just because? Just because you’re not attractive to them, just because you’re different to them? Love yourself because nobody will ever love you more ❤

How to be the happiest person alive?

1. Do good.
2. Say sorry – however, don’t exaggerate because people feel when it’s not natural.
3. Don’t force things – nothing works when you do it and don’t feel it.
4. Smile – it’s one of the most beautiful things people do naturally.
5. Treat yourself.
6. Limit / deny meat consumption – it is scientifically proven that you live as you eat; So, if you deny violence in your life – killing or paying to kill for meat – you’ll enjoy healthier life and sound mind.
7. Eat colorfully.
8. Be passionate – people with passion have energy to live and enjoy life.
9. Respect and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.
10. Listen to people – their stories may teach you a lot.

That’s my story in ten points 🙂 And despite all bad things that happened to me I find myself very lucky to live my life.
Be good to yourelf because that’s the core of all happiness. ❤