Mein erster Schritt, meine alles! My first step, my everything!

just my first step


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My name is Kasia, I am 28, of Polish nationality, and into absolutely everything. I am not a prominent writer or publicist but I love writing, anyways; I have literally one million thoughts in a second and have to vent my emotions. And the most important: I am vegan, but no vegterrorist as long as I don’t need to become one. I would love to share with you my reasonable diet without killing or exploiting living souls. Killing is wrong. I find every kind of war repugnant and I hate to fight with different people when there’s no need to. I do everything I can to support people and animals who need my help and do everything to love this life.

I know the secret of perfect life… LOVE!



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♥ Joanna Krupa

♣ Ann-Kathrin Vida

Ich heiße Kasia, bin 28, von polnische Staatgehörigkeit, interessiere mich für alles. Ich bin keine Dichterin aber ich liebe schreiben. Bin vegan, aber kein Vegterrorist. Tieren  und Menschen sind gleichen und nur Liebe ist alles ❤




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Choose positivity

Do you appreciate the people whose life goal is to be happy? Why do we, people, need so much negativity in our lives? Let me tell you the story that I’ve experienced just a few days ago: I was on my way to kindergarden to get my niece home. In order to get to the kindergarden I usually have to cross the street and go straight. So, when I was about to cross the street I had to pass the group of young people. I tried to find a free space between them (about 6 people) as they were walking down the whole width of the sidewalk. Then, I accidentally touched the arm of a girl who was there, and I wanted to go further but then… I heard her saying „you whore” behind my back. I suddenly stopped, turned back and asked the girl if it was directed to me. She replied „fuck you” and I spit under her feet telling her that I have no wish to interact with her and fight. I wanted to go away and she started to yell. I had so much fun when she yelled that my vagina is „worn off” and I love to take 5 dicks at once. I laughed and showed „fuck you” sign over my head so she saw it clearly. She went somewhere, I don’t know where, and I went to the kindergarden. I haven’t seen her again so far. Of course, my reaction to her behaviour wasn’t good, either. But if someone tries to drag me down, I cannot avoid to show my anger.

Why do we love to be so negative? Who taught us to be that miserable? Why do we choose negativity over positivity? Who taught us not to respect others? Who taught us all that aggression? Why do we reject all the positive solutions?

Treat others just like you would like to be treated. Please. Make this world a better place to live.


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I live in a country where you don’t celebrate Halloween because it’s not „this part of the world” tradition. We are focused on the All Saints’ Day in this sense that we visit graves of our friends and family members who passed away. We are very serious about everything what we do on this special day. People here don’t like foreign traditions and stick to what they know and feel safe about. However, in my opinion combining Halloween celebrations and the seriousness of the All Saints’ Day together in this part of the world is nothing bad. People, let’s live in perfect harmony and symbiosis ❤️ let’s make the world a better place to live in!


I feel so lost. I’ve been feeling that lost and empty for a long time now, have absolutely no idea what to do about it. I feel like screaming inside and smiling outside: it is even a kind of paradox when I know what I feel but I can’t really find a name for it. I tried – I tried my best to be the best version of myself and I failed. Yeah, maybe that’s the key point, I just fail, like on a regular basis, everywhere. It is not that I am crazy, I perfectly know what I feel and I am enough… I am mature enough to know the answers or even solutions to my problems but I somehow can’t implement them into my life. Also, I hate my looks, it’s been also a growing feeling that now overcomes me, I guess. Yeah, I know that we are all beautiful because I repeat it myself but I currently doubt it and that is what worries me. Sometimes I want to cry for help but then I get this feeling that maybe I want too much attention? What’s wrong with with me?

Why do I love Bezmięsny Mięsny

Have you ever heard of Bezmięsny Mięsny? Probably not unless you are Polish, vegan or vegetarian, or you are just curious about the brand new meatless options. I am all about those three points and it’s no surprise that I know Bezmięsny. Let me introduce them to you.

Bezmięsny Mięsny is a quite new initiative (it’s been functioning for two or three years now) and they offer meatless meat (bezmięsnymięsne mięsa) so basically they offer us a wide variety of meat with no animal suffering. I don’t remember the texture of meat but the texture of meatless meat is very strong and firm (however, I don’t mean that your teeth are in danger of falling off). The taste of the meatless meat is far better than you could imagine. It’s all about perfectly combined herbs.

My faves, as for now ,are meatless bacon and meatless gyros! 😍

In case, you would like to know more about Bezmięsny Mięsny  you can easily find them on Facebook, Instagram or even visit their official online site. Also  don’t hesitate to contact me via instagram, my name is mofosuperhero there ❤️ I’ve honestly never thought that I’m gonna experience such a beautiful time when meatless options are that close ❤️

The World Dog Day on the 1st of July, 2018, was special in such sense that the awareness of humans regrding domestic pets, here: dogs, couldn’t get any better so everyone was posting their pictures with dogs and writing how much they mean. I love when people unite in such positive feelings. But I don’t like when people make use of such dates for their own gains.

And so: in Poland, there is this minister of parliament who had an idea to pay people for taking dogs away from shelters to their homes and give those people 1000 of Polish złoty. The idea was that people would use 1000 zł to cure dogs and buy them dog things. But what if somebody took many dogs from many different shelters to get 1000 zł many times and would kill all the animals eventually? The minister has had no plan for monitoring the whole process of adoption so far. I know, it sounds too drastic but what if…? People may say that it is a good thing because that money is for the needs of dogs but what if somebody would decide to make a business out of living and feeling creatures? The idea is just an absurd… If you want to adopt, do it for yourself and share the love. Don’t do it for money!

And it’s in the name of parliamentary elections… I can’t even imagine if similar things happen anywhere else in the world or is it just this sick mindset. One guy wrote me that similar solution functions in the Netherlands and I answered that the difference between the two national mindsets is too big to risk the lives of innocent living beings for such experiments. I AM WORRIED.

Go and love yourself!

I don’t know what I hope for. Oh wait… hope for the best, expect the worst. Oh, that sentence could nicely sum up the story of my life. But do I want to sum up it now? Don’t I want to have a bit of additional time in my life?

I don’t know. Especially when I got this time when I face health problems. I wish it was diarrhea but it’s far more complicated… Oh, actually it may resemble diarrhea at some point; especially at the beginning and in the meantime. Contrary to diarrhea it doesn’t seem to be eager to stop.

In such harsh moments I try to find something positive within myself – this time, as always, my hair. I am very proud of it! Better? Better! (I’m not gonna eat Snickers, however).

I like myself even if lately my eyes have been causing a lot of pain. Whatever I do I feel the ache within my brain (the place where the eyes are stuck in the skull).

Actually, there are loads of other things I like about myself but I don’t want to sound too cheesy so I am not gonna enumerate them 🙂

Remember: don’t let people to make you hate your life! How to do it? Go and love yourself! There are no ugly people; no weak people, no medicore! It’s us who design our lives! ❤


Don’t trust anyone, pt.1.

Don’t trust anyone – that was my first life principle throughout years and because I decided to break it once, I’ve learnt the lesson I didn’t wish to learn.

It was 2008 when I decided to study English studies. I wasn’t too much into British and American literature (Polish literature is also a weak point of mine – well, maybe I shouldn’t write it but it’s true statement so yeah) but linguistics was something I wanted to dive into. The first year was a total mess for me – if you asked me what do I remember from the first year I would probably answer: nothing, and so it is, indeed. The second year came and also, I don’t remember too much. Maybe single subjects but not relations because I wasn’t too popular. I was too shy. When the third year came, it was the first year of more or less serious decisions. It was not a year of fun as at the end I had to choose my major and minor beat. You know, like in journalism: what attracts my attention more and what is not too attractive at all. Two years of my MA passed so fast and I was quite proud to have my diploma. I attended the post gradute studies in legal and judicial translation and I thought that I have so much luck that it couldn’t ever get any worse. Throughout all those years I always had someone to talk to and I always had in mind that there is this awesome girl I met while studying English and I could always say hi or ask how are you, it ws just nce. I wasn’t too self confident and I have to admit that she somehow helped to enter the world.

But now she’s gone. She doesn’t exist for me anymore because of reasons I don’t want to talk about because simply they don’t exist anymore, just like the girl. Well, I understand people come and go but when it happens that often the only thing I think about is to build up walls and surround myself with them. Again, I get the feeling that people attack me with no reason. I really tried to believe that not everything is as bad as I thought; but unfortunately it is. Again, I get the feeling that people only wait for my failure to enjoy the fall of mine.

I feel down and it is really hard to admit. I don’t get why people want you to live your life on their own terms. Why do people require from you things? I don’t find myself too offensive or controvarsial, I am just like other humans, I say bad things at times and I do equally bad things at times too, but the worst thing is that other people decide who deserves forgiveness and justifications and who doesn’t. Why do people decide what is proper for others? On what basis do they decide on what, where, why, with whom, and so on? If the particular thing doesn’t irritate them in one group of people then why they find it bad in the other group? Isn’t it better to say nothing if someone has actually nothing to say but talks whatever?

I was so blind throughout all of these years when I took all the good words and smiles for granted. It is just another lesson to learn. I was too emotionally engaged maybe but managed to understand few things, thank you.





How easy it was for you to say the crap about me

You didn’t even want to talk, you just wrote me few words

If you only knew what I have been through, you would understand

And I couldn’t even dare to say anything wrong about you

But it was easier to make things up

If that is what you love doing in your life, maybe it is really better

That we are strangers now