Mein erster Schritt, meine alles! My first step, my everything!

just my first step



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♥ Joanna Krupa

My name is Kasia, I am 28, of Polish nationality, and into absolutely everything. I am not a prominent writer or publicist but I love writing, anyways; I have literally one million thoughts in a second and have to vent my emotions. And the most important: I am vegan, but no vegterrorist as long as I don’t need to become one (I do think, however, that all meat eaters suck and are weak as fuck and pathetic while explaining why do people need meat whereas people don’t need meat and animal derived ingredients at all). I would love to share with you my reasonable diet without killing or exploiting living souls. Killing is wrong. I find every kind of war repugnant and I hate to fight with different people when there’s no need to. I do everything I can to support people and animals who need my help and do everything to love this life.

I know the secret of perfect life… LOVE!



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♥ Joanna Krupa

Ich heiße Kasia, bin 28, von polnische Staatgehörigkeit, interessiere mich für alles. Ich bin keine Dichterin aber ich liebe schreiben. Bin vegan, aber kein Vegterrorist (trotzdem glaub ich dass alle Fleischfresser scheiß sind wenn erklären warum die Menschen das Fleisch brauchen wohingegen die Menschen brauchen kein Fleisch und keine tierische Bestandteile. Tieren  und Menschen sind gleichen und nur Liebe ist alles ❤




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Pathetic as shit Ann-Kathrin and Mario :)

The year 2018 has just begun and I have already chosen the most pathetic couple of the year! 🙂

ANN-KATHRIN VIDA AND MARIO GOETZE – the most pathetic couple of all times 🙂 Ann-Kathrin does not represent too much: it is no achievement to put plastic in your boobs, buttocks and face and then pretend to be animal lover and promote Dior perfumes. Maybe she is a whore lover but definitely not an animal lover, little liar. She loves to take pictures at different charity events but in fact she just take poses. She does not care. Of course, as everyone else, she also loves when you write about her beauty (not too natural) and then you’re like her best friend and she likes you but try to write something she doesn’t like… Well, the girl (to be a woman is not to be a pathetic chic) should be treated mentally because she’s dangerous. She can’t even engage in a discussion… How the hell she graduated the elementary school? And Goetze… what a football player… not too tall, fat, not too clever… OMG they too are perfect together… pathetic types 🙂

Do you remember? :) Back to the 90s!

Do you remember these? 🙂 OMG, I was like collecting, exchanging and enjoying them!!! 😀 Definitetly, my favourite were those from The Lion King series!! How do you call them in your language? In Polish these are… karteczki 😛

I love them! Memories! ❤


HIV and AIDS – make your contribution to fight against this plague.

Why have I always wanted to write about HIV? Sincerely, I somehow can’t answer in one sentence. The answer is a bit complex. I am not an influential person so my desire to write and maybe educate is nothing. But I somehow still believe that if there were more people with no celebrity background and no big money but with great heart and desire to change something, not a desire to try to change something as the side effect of promote oneself while attending great charity pride and airs and graces events, the world would be a better place.

„Pride – a strength of rebellious dwarves” to quote Zygmunt Krasiński, a Polish Romantic poet, one of the three best Romantic poets in Poland.

According to AVERT, global information and advice about HIV & AIDS: infection, prevention, testing and treatment; personal stories; statistics; and programming resources., the greatest number of people living with HIV in 2016 was in East and Southern Africa – 19.4 million, Western and Central Africa – 6.1 million, and Asia and Pacific – 5.1 million. The rest of the world alternates between West and Central Europe and North America – 2.1 million, Latin America and Carribean – 2.1 million, East Europe and Central Asia – 1.6 million, ending at Middle East and North Africa with 230.000 people.

AVERT writes that „while new HIV infections among children globally have halved, from 300,000 in 2010 to 160,000 in 2016 (47%), reports indicate that there is much more that needs to be done to improve knowledge of HIV and HIV testing among adolescents and young adults. Young women are especially at risk, with 59% of new infections among young people aged 15-24 occurring among this group. „The number of HIV treatments have increased but it is still the consciousness of people that should increase.

Billion of dollars being invested to fight with HIV and AIDS prevention and treatments are doing the great job but we have still so much to do.

Always be sure of your sexual partner and use condoms, always pay attention to disposable syringes because only such kind of syringes should be used in all emergency points and hospitals.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) attacks the immune system, the natural body’s defense system. Having HIV does not necessarily means having AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). AIDS is the final stage of the process of transforming HIV into its final stage. Befor HIV transforms into AIDS, medicines can help return the immune system to healthier state – according to webmd.com and PLEASE: when having sex with someone who has HIV use condoms; don’t share the drug needles with people infected with HIV; HIV doesn’t survive well outside the body. So it can’t be spread by casual contact like kissin or sharing drinking glasses with an infected person.

When did you do HIV antibody test? I have done it in the second half of 2017.

Stay safe and always mind your health!



International Women’s Day

Celebrate your femininity, ladies! Be good to yourself and others, treat yourself and let love fullfill your heart ❤ WE ARE IRREPLACEABLE ❤



People who know what you mean and cannot admit their mistake

I haven’t really begun yet and I am already damn tired.

People. People are strange. When you admit your mistake at a particular point of your discussion they try to make you admit that you ain’t woth your life. What an absurd.

„hey, yesterday we didn’t manage to understand each other. You misunderstood me and called me names whereas I misunderstood you and laughed at you and what we really meant was the same thing; there was no point in our argument and this is a group of „Cool Girls” and we didn’t bahave cool at all, so I am sorry” – I wrote, and received such an answer „hahahahaha, you pathetic chic, I am not obliged to understand you, you are ridiculous; your life and your opinions must be poor and don’t judge me, you girl with no people in your life! haha! Your partner must be so unfortunate.”  So now, once again, who is judging whom?

The discussion was all about rape and girls were asked to share their opinions on what punishment should be there for all the rapists out there. JH wrote: „All the rapists should be punished for rape (…) But sometimes it is not that obvious (WTF?!?! I am asking as a human who tries their best everyday to use their brain) because if a girl drinks too much and becomes too aggressive and put their hands in boys’ pants (…) Are you, the fuck, serious?! 85% – 90% constitutes the percentage of MEN RAPING WOMEN so what the fuck are we talking about?! In the meantime, JH managed to call me names so I am not sure if she’s a good partner to have a conversation with.

I am still wondering: we got the 21st century and such kind of people really does exist? Oh my. People are strange. Ms. JH, I don’t know how does it feel to be non-human but you won the first prize in this pathetic competition. Call me names, laugh, do whatever, you mean nothing and that what hurts the most ❤



I want to change. I want to improve myself. I want to enjoy my life ❤


Ich bin extrem enttäuscht, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel!!! I am extremely disappointed, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel!!!

I like Anna-Kathrin Vida and I support her in her fight against fur and I admire her for not eating meat but I somehow can’t understand how the hell can she promote Dior products which are tested on animals?! She once wrote on her Instagram few words about her taking part in PETA campaing against fur in Germany: „This topic is very important to me and I know that this video contains disturbing scenes BUT it’s necessary to show the cruel and brutal way animals get killed for their fur!” and she continues: „I am very proud to fight with @peta against this topic. I know my video is just a little drop in the ocean but if we all start somewhere-we can change a lot. Even if only one person stopped buying fur cause of this video, I changed something. Help me and tell your friends&families why there can be NO excuse for buying fur. We all start somewhere … @petadeutschland ❌ See the whole video on my YouTube channel or http://www.peta.de

It is a pity that she appears to be a pure hypocrite. Few months later she promotes Dior perfumes (Dior tests on animals) and it somehow does not bother her that during tests animals also hurt! To quote: „the cruel and brutal way”….

She proudly claims to be vegetarian and an animal lover but let’s be honest: she’s the next hypocrite who forgets their life goals when she sees money. I only wonder how much does her opinion cost? How much does she cost? She NEVER wrote me back when I had this situation when I wanted to ask for her voice against cruelty and I have asked her a favour (NO money, NO promotion, NO oppresive favour – OK she does not have to care but she is very funny when she claims that she cares). It is not too important, however. She is a pure hypocrite.

She even lost my comments when I wrote that Dior tests on animals and it is not OK for an animal lover to promote such crap. What a pathetic behaviour!

Ich bin extrem enttäuscht, Ann-Kathrin!!!