Mein erster Schritt, meine alles! / My first step, my everything!

just my first step



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(totally addicted to Joanna Krupa and Ann-Kathrin Vida, don’t ask why and when, it just happened!)

My name is Kasia, I am 28, of Polish nationality, and into absolutely everything. I am not a prominent writer or publicist but I love writing, anyways; I have literally one million thoughts in a second and have to vent my emotions. And the most important: I am vegan, but no vegterrorist as long as I don’t need to become one (I do think, however, that all meat eaters suck and are weak as fuck and pathetic while explaining why do people need meat whereas people don’t need meat and animal derived ingredients at all). I would love to share with you my reasonable diet without killing or exploiting living souls. Killing is wrong in general and I don’t want to be a psycho. I understand people as long as they understand me. I find every kind of war repugnant and I hate to fight with different people when there’s no need to. I do everything I can to support people and animals who need my help. I also support different organisations that fight for animals everywhere (love knows no borders) and love this life. Hello! I know the secret of perfect life… LOVE!



Facebook: mofosuperheroe


(ganz süchtig nach Joanna Krupa and Ann-Kathrin Vida, frag nicht wieso und wann, ist einfach passiert!)

Ich heiße Kasia, bin 28, von polnische Staatgehörigkeit, interessiere mich für alles. Ich bin keine Dichterin aber ich liebe schreiben. Bin vegan, aber kein Vegterrorist (trotzdem glaub ich dass alle Fleischfresser scheiß sind wenn erklären warum die Menschen das Fleisch brauchen wohingegen die Menschen brauchen kein Fleisch und keine tierische Bestandteile. Tieren  und Menschen sind gleichen und nur Liebe ist alles ❤



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Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy / Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity <3

There is no man who has not heard about it yet – Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity WOŚP
There are loads of people who support it by giving money or put things up for auction. Robert Lewandowski – two tickets for Bundesliga match and his football vest with a signature; Slash’s guitar; Scorpions’ 24-carat gold picture with signatures; Andrzej Wajda’s armchair; an invitation to take part in the camp BY ANN – training camp by Anna Lewandowska; a walk with Leszek Balcerowicz; Olympic torch from Janina Ochojska; lunch or dinner with Joanna Przetakiewicz, 12 hours with Mateusz Gessler and a lot more!
If you want to have a look and maybe even participate go to: http://aukcje.wosp.org.pl/listing?view=gallery&promotionType=1
You can not only buy something but, more importantly, help children ❤
This year, the Orchestra plays for children to equal the opportunity of new born babies.
I have to sincerely write that there are also people who accuse Jerzy Owsiak (the founder of the Great Orchestra) of stealing money and using it for own comfort. But they don’t somehow see how many modern equipment there is in Poland now and the state wouldn’t do so much for people NEVER.

If you find it difficult to be good, try today! Just try and unite with all great hearts – once you try it, you won’t ever stop ❤

Edit: there is only one thing that sucks: fireworks 😦 but the firework show doesn’t last longer than 3 minutes… hopefully it won’t be too invasive

Share the love and don’t be mean ❤




Cracow 2018 / Kraków 2018

Cracow is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Poland. I thought I could believe people who were always repeating that but after I visited the place myself I know, Cracow is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, really.


So, the first plans to build Kraków Cloth Hall appeared as soon as the 13th century. Bolesław the Chaste decided to build Sukiennice (Polish name for Cloth Hall) – double row stone stalls placed in the middle of the Main Market Square. However, these were wooden stalls that were the archetype for the present Sukiennice. Before 1358, the King Casimir III the Great displayed Gothic Sukiennice which burnt in 1555. Between 1556 – 1559, the King intended to re-build the burnt Sukiennice. What was then added to the new Sukiennice was the attic, underground arcades and mascaron surface according to the project of Santi Gucci. Column loggias according to the project of Jan Maria Padovano were built onto.

Sukiennice did not change too much since the 14th century.


Here with Adam Mickiewicz – one of the greaters Polish poets of all time.


Sigismund Bell is 498 years old now!! Can you believe it? It weights 11 tonnes and it is incredible.



and the most touching part… in the memory of a dog who waited for his owner at the roundabout in Kraków (where the owner died in an accident) for two years…


I have much more but WordPress does not allow me to publish it and if you fancy to see all the pictures, I cordially invite you to visit Mofosuperheroe


Observing the city from the tenth floor of the hotel is an amazing experience

Enjoying the smell of the hotel bedding makes me wanna stay here forever

But is it even possible not to feel guilty and maybe even regret it

That for us it is too difficult to be together?

Celebrate reasonably. Celebrate humanely.

We, also as a society, are responsible for everything we do. We are the only species that enjoys clunk and noise, fearing war and loud beacons or alarms at the same time. Please, celebrate reasonably and think about animals and air pollution. Celebrate humanely.


  • source of the images: wikipedia