Mein erster Schritt, meine alles! / My first step, my everything!

just my first step

So läuft es nun mal… Ich heiße Kasia, bin achtundzwanzig Jahre alt und interiessiere mich für alles. Ich bin leider keine Dichterin aber ich liebe schreiben; habe ein Million der Gedanken in jede Sekunde und muss zeitweise meiner Emotionen freien Lauf lassen. Mittels dieses Blog will ich auch Deutsch lernen. Ich bin kein Profi in Deutsch, so das würde auch sehr schön, wenn ihr mich korrigieren könntet. Und die wichtigste: ich bin vegan, aber kein vegterrorist. Ich verstehe Menschen so lange wie sie mich auch verstehen 😉 Ich ekel mich vor den Krieg und mit andere Menschen kämpfen. Ich mache alles was ich kann, um Menschen die brauchen meine Hilfe zu unterstützen. Ich unterstütze auch verschiedene Tierschutzorganisationen (am meistens in Polen) und liebe das Leben. Hello! Ich kenne das perfekte Rezept für das perfekte Leben… LOVE!

And so it goes… My name’s Kasia, I’m twenty eight and keen on everything. I am not a poet, I love writing though; I have million thoughts per one second and sometimes have to set free all of my emotions. I also would love to learn German through writing this blog, so it would be really nice when you correct me. And the most important: I am vegan but no vegterrorist. I understand people as long as they understand me. I find the war repugnant and hate fighting with other people. I do everything I can to support people who need my help. I also support different animal organisations (mostly in Poland) and love this life. Hello! I know the perfect secret for perfect life… it’s LOVE! ❤


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The end of independent judiciary in Poland – how I regret to live among the least intelligent people ever.

There has happened a lot of bad things in Poland since a political party PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – Law and Justice) won the parliamentary election in 2015. Quite a number of protests defending rights of different people have arisen, for instance:

  • Black Monday, widely known as Black Protest, when women went on strike against abortion ban all dressed up in black;
  • “East migration threatens Polish habitation” – a protest of Polish nationalists against migration of Ukrainians to Poland;
  • Constitutional Tribunal (Constitutional Court) – replacement of five judges elected during the parliamentary term of Civil Platform (PO) under pretence of disagreement with the Polish Constitution for judges elected by Law and Justice (PiS);
  • Devastation of one of the most precious primeval forests in Europe – Białowieża forest;
  • Takeover of Polish public television by the ruling party;
  • Education protests against the modification and transfer of elementary, secondary and high schools into the old systems schools and fear of job loss by a number of teachers;
  • Muslim immigrants – terrorists;
  • Non-muslim immigrants and non-white immigrants – terrorists;
  • Reform of Supreme Court of Poland – appointment of judges becomes a liability of the Minister of Justice and no more remains a liability of the President, what in fact is a politicisation of courts in general and the Minister of Justice takes control of the whole judiciary system;

and that’s not nearly all.

What did I do wrong to live in this land of profanity, widely accepted hatred, eternal condamnation so beautifully and publically supported by people who wish their fellows all tortures for not sharing their views? I don’t want this poison to get into my brain. Wake me up when it all stops, please.

Can a woman live for 28 years without her nails being done? Not in a cave?

If I go to get my nails done, I can’t say that I go to get nailed, can I? Tomorrow is my big day. I feel like creating, writing a new chapter of, doing, giving birth to history. I’m going to beauty parlour for nail plates enhancement (whatever it is), filing (not nailing, though), cuticle softening and removal, and shortening of my nail plates. Sounds like a torture squad but I got a guarantee that after the treatment I am going to feel like a new born baby. It somehow didn’t cool me down and I am still like half alive. And it’s all because of the trip to Germany and Italy.

I am 28 and I have never paid my attention to all those beauty treatmets – the highest form of my beuty involvement started when I have begun to apply Hydrafacial and laser hair removal. But these somehow weren’t as stressfull as my first visit to nails point.

I always do my nails all by myself, and for me it is completely OK. And now I decided to do it like a majority of women – does it mean I am going to become a woman in this mostly feminine commonly used sense? Oh, I think I am too excited.

Keep your fingers crossed! I panic so much about the use of nail cutter; it is sharp and if a beautician hurts me then… who would guarntee that I am not going to get any virus? I somehow began to look for a suitable coffin for me – is everything going to be alright?

If so, I’ll be still writing these stories of abolutely abstruse nature!

Despacito and my hips despacios

Everyone knows Despacito. If you don’t know Despacito, you probably live under the stone. Sure enough, everyone knows that the girls dancing in the Despacito video are so hot that people don’t think normally when they see all those butties shaking, hips turning to different sides, and breasts dancing on the chests. I am one of those.

Lately, I’ve been trying to learn how to move my hips CORRECTLY and I think I did it! Even my friend, who is a dancer, said that I’m doing pretty good! He’s a man so I think I was REALLY good! Boys are more sincere, I guess 🙂

I felt so weird to move my hips in the middle of a big city but I somehow enjoyed it. 🙂

Now, I think I want to start taking some dance classes; a movement makes your body healthy and your mind sound ❤

Positive leute bleiben immer die beste

Naja, ich weiß dass ich diesen Blog auf Deutsch schreiben wollte, aber das Leben ist voller Überraschungen und zeitweise gibt es keine Zeit auf Deutsch zu schreiben WEIL ich immer checken muss ob alles was ich geschrieben habe korrekt ist und das ist ganz zeitraubendes Prozess 🙂

Heute möchte ich ihnen sagen was habe ich gestern erlebt: ich verbrachte einen schönen Nachmittag mit meinen Kumpel (habe auch eine Kollegin aus Anglistik in der U-Bahn getroffen, das war so WOW!) und, als ich zu Hause zurück gekommen bin, war ich mich bewusst dass obwohl ich nicht zu viel Freundinnen habe, sind die die richtigste und beste der Welt!

Also, ich mit meinem Kumpel haben Nepalesische und Thailändische küche ausprobiert und das ist das beste Geschmäck meines Lebens so weit gewesen 🙂 Wir hatten sehr viel Spaß miteinander lachend und über viele verschiedene Dingen redend 🙂

Ich muss sagen, dass ich POSITIVE leute liebe. 🙂


Devote your time to people worth all the gold in the world!

Today I had an amazing day with my friend in a Nepali and Thai restaurant!


Oh my godness, how I love such POSITIVE people as the man in the picture! I wish there were people like him everywhere. The world would be definitely a better place 🙂




You can have a beautiful and tasty dish with no meat 🙂

Siblings and this unconditional relation.

It’s nice to have siblings, definitely. I wish everyone had such great and lovely siblings as I do. And I really mean it; you won’t find such an unconditional relation anywhere in the world.

Of course, we are only humans and we all have got our ups and downs, we all live in a world filled with tension to the brim, we all face problems with our friends or society in general… Different things can happen. Misunderstandings, quarrels, temporary expressions of hatred, lack of time…

Basically, we live as we die – alone, but could you imagine that you can enjoy your trip, adventure, gift (whatever you call your beautiful life) simply by sharing your time with others? The first place always belongs to siblings 🙂

Why am I writing this? Today I spent a lovely day with my sister and her daughter Zosia. Zosia is now over 2 months old and she’s the second daughter of my sister. The first was in a kid’s club so, naturally, I couldn’t spend my time with her. Ala (I’m using short names for both ladies) is always so full of energy that I feel like a granny when spending time with her. So, when I was at Zosia, I tried to talk to her in her own way as much as my brain could afford. And for the first time, Zosia did something beautiful that made me think joyfully OMG! SHE SAVVIES ME and I melted. She sounded like a happy baby and she smiled (I swear that a smile without teeth is the cutest smile on earth but honestly now I wouldn’t give up my teeth for the benefit of all the gold and diamonds in the world). But coming back to my sister – I think she doesn’t know it but I wouldn’t be the person I am now without her. It’s about my brother too but you know, it is usually so that girls stick together 🙂 We had a walk and spent great time. I am now frequently asking myself am I a good sister? because I see that my sister is the best gift I could ever get. I realise it now and I want her to feel it. What would I do if I were alone? I don’t know. But I learn everyday: APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE. And here, I want to say that I appreciate my sister more than she thinks.

Oh my, I am almost crying 🙂

Hamburg, please.

I don’t want to die anywhere in the world. Well, I mean I don’t want to die on the battlefield. It doesn’t matter whether war, sort of riot against the hegemony of the United States or battle with my own self. It’s not the way the world should look like.

I understand all kinds of protests and basically we need to stand up against all the unjust world policy but people, please, do it without any threat to others.

As the civilisation, we won’t achieve anything by fighting and killing. Don’t spread the hatred if you don’t want your children to live in such world.

It’s not like we have to agree for everything, we mustn’t! But I think 21st century requires something else, maybe something more than constant fighting and killing.

Right wing, left wing… Couldn’t we be just PEOPLE? Live and let live? We, united, can do much more than we, diveded.

In two weeks time I’m going to Hamburg. Hopefully, I’m safe there and I’m having great time with great people! ❤