Mein erster Schritt, meine alles! / My first step, my everything!

just my first step



Facebook: mofosuperheroe ❤

(totally addicted to Ann-Kathrin Vida, don’t ask why and when, it just happened!)

My name is Kasia, I am 28, of Polish nationality, and into absolutely everything. I am not a prominent writer or publicist but I love writing, anyways; I have literally one million thoughts in a second and have to vent my emotions. And the most important: I am vegan, but no vegterrorist as long as I don’t need to become one (I do think, however, that all meat eaters suck and are weak as fuck and pathetic while explaining why do people need meat whereas people don’t need meat and animal derived ingredients at all). I would love to share with you my reasonable diet without killing or exploiting living souls. Killing is wrong in general and I don’t want to be a psycho. I understand people as long as they understand me. I find every kind of war repugnant and I hate to fight with different people when there’s no need to. I do everything I can to support people and animals who need my help. I also support different organisations that fight for animals everywhere (love knows no borders) and love this life. Hello! I know the secret of perfect life… LOVE!



Facebook: mofosuperheroe ❤

(ganz süchtig nach Ann-Kathrin Vida, frag nicht wieso und wann, ist einfach passiert!)

Ich heiße Kasia, bin 28, von polnische Staatgehörigkeit, interessiere mich für alles. Ich bin keine Dichterin aber ich liebe schreiben. Bin vegan, aber kein Vegterrorist (trotzdem glaub ich dass alle Fleischfresser scheiß sind wenn erklären warum die Menschen das Fleisch brauchen wohingegen die Menschen brauchen kein Fleisch und keine tierische Bestandteile. Tieren  und Menschen sind gleichen und nur Liebe ist alles ❤



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Author: mofosuperheroe

The more love, the better :)

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