My way to relax is a bit of syntax!

It’s not only me who ends up crying and moaning after having an argument with the person who we quite sincerely care for but is it really necessarily to reproach ourselves for having a bad day? No. We’ve got nothing to reproach ourselves with. It appears that the most essential to me is the finest way to overcome the wrath and bitterness by… doing exercises! And showing love 🙂 I don’t do too much of exercises as I am not a pro athlete but every kind of movement makes me to release the power of happiness – I strongly believe that it always works that way for everyone 🙂 Oh, and my dog. Mofo is a cure for everything.

It’s also good to have a walk among the trees (nature soothes my soul very much so I highly recommend this type of relax), have a glass of cocoa with cashew milk, sit in the sun, or in case of winter, put oneself under the warm blanket. Grab your favourite book, or grab totally new item, and let yourself to be surprised by the beauty of a brand new plot line.

Lately I have been experiencing a tones of harsh days; for example today I had an argument about a donut. DONUT?! Donut. One little donut. One little donut slut ruined my evening. What did I almost immediately do? Gave a hug. Mywrth went somewhere and I don’t care anymore where.

Be good to others, it makes everybody happy: you, your surrounding and it’s good for your health. Love 🙂

*I can’t stop making fun of syntax because I had to repeat the subject three times during my studies before I got it. So cute. That’s why I rhyme. Yo!


Autor: mofosuperheroe

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