I’m sitting here thinking where to go on holidays? when all else fails and at the same time I ask myself am I serious to go on holidays instead of getting to something more serious than pure enjoyment? No, no, no… Stop, don’t continue.

I am old enough to know that if you want to achieve something, you must work for it. But I am also young enough to think that tomorrow can never come so you should take as much as you can from the moment you’re in. People my age have got plans, their own families, jobs, their own flats, babies… Not too much of my fairytale. I mean, all of these things are beautiful but not too much for me. I need something else. Or not exactly something else but something more.

And if everything ends tomorrow, I’d like to see a bit more of this beautiful world today (what if people don’t really live twice?!). I decided to visit Dortmund. I don’t really know what Dortmund (besides football and some castles) is famous for but I chose to see Dortmund. And I got the chance to pick some other European city to see but I have no idea what to say; I would love to be  everywhere and do everything at once. It’s kind of impossible but anyways. At first I wanted to choose Paris, but then I thought it may be too romantic; then I thought about Amsterdam, but hey, Amsterdam is almost next to Brussels and I was supposed to choose only ONE place and for me these two capitals come together so…  I’m so excited about it! Maybe Luxemburg? Or just another German city? But I don’t know which one to choose! There are too many of German cities I would like to see. I just love Germany, I don’t speak German too fluently, though.

Is a trip the best solution for the problems in a relationship? I don’t know. But I prefer trip to nothing. I love this nowadays-dangerous world.


Autor: mofosuperheroe

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