I am just like every woman – I totally love aesthetic treatments! And today I enrolled on two different aesthetic treatments: Hydrafacial (how I love the feeling of the mashine working on and under the skin of my face) and laser hair removal (the fifth treatment in a line) and I can’t wait for these! I love to care for my frame of mind and that’s why I invest in myself – that’s the best investment I can do! Every woman should find some time for herself and her beauty – no matter what other people find beautiful (being a mother, being succesful at work, being good towards other people, etc.), the most important is what YOU find beautiful and what makes you happy 🙂 For me, these are not only aesthetic treatments but first and foremost helping animals. I love myself and I love animals. Find what you love and do it. Just do it.

Is there any special aesthetic treatment you would recommend? What do you think about the topic?


Autor: mofosuperheroe

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