Squats: Sunday mission.

Everyone says that they envy me my shape but I don’t quite like it and I decided to improve it. Recently, I have been watching a lot of different tutorials what exercises to apply to train your butt. I have seen a lot of heavenly divine butts and now I would really love to have one! I am so in love with the girls with perfect shape but I perfectly know that all the shapes are not 100% natural. Well, I have nothing against plastic surgeries, beauty treatments and that kind of things – if that is what makes people happy, then why not? I love it when people are happy. But coming back to the topic: you can put implants in your butt and make them bigger but you can train them to the same, or even better, effect! You have to know what makes your butt happy: SQUATS! Squats are the best but remember to do them correctly 🙂 It’s not like you can do it without any care; there are some rules you have to obey: you need some load (dumbbells – the heavier they are, the better but don’t force yourself to carry 100 pounds straight away), every time your butt goes down bend your legs and push your butt back so that it constitues a horizontal line with your knees and is horizontal to the floor, keep your back straight, and every time you go back up, keep your back straight and push your hips forward – don’t forget to tighten up your butt cheeks! Your feet must stick to the floor and when you go up, don’t forget that these are your hips which should pull your butt up and eventually come your knees. Take a deep breath when coming down and release the air slowly when going up. It’s up to you how do you place your feet – wider or narrower, it’s all up to you 🙂 Squats are really the best and give you the best results. There are loads of other good exercises but I would like to write about them later 🙂

Who inspire me the most? Deep Breath (Youtube channel), Ann-Kathrin Vida (I am so in love with her butt), Anna Lewandowska (my love), and many more ❤

If you know any other effective ways to naturally grow your butt, share them with me 🙂 I love to try new things!

Have a nice day 🙂


Autor: mofosuperheroe

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