Am I just another drama queen?

I don’t basically like my body. And everytime I mourn over my body, there apears someone who tries to convince me that everything’s OK. But in my opinion it’s NOT. I am too skinny and I really don’t like it. Well, I am not a fan of fat people because as much as we need fat in our lives it is so easy to cross the red line and grow an enemy that we couldn’t fight off too easily. Or as long as you are OK with your size and you show it, then I love it. But it’s not too good to be too skinny, either. How do you accept yourselves?

Lately, I’ve been taking a small number of pictures of myself to see what is wrong with me. But what if everything’s OK? I would really like to appreciate myself someday…

So, how did it happen that I took this picture? Maybe I tried to take a first step to accept myself? EDIT: I know how to love myself but I don’t quite know how to accept myself 🙂 Is it even possible? Or am I just a drama queen?IMG_5444


Author: mofosuperheroe

The more love, the better :)

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