Travelling different places is what I strongly value in this life

It happened yesterday. It really happened yesterday. Yesterday I realised something. Yesterday I realised that this is true. What is true? THE ROUTE: Dortmund – Hamburg – Milan – Venice – Frankfurt am Main! I am more than HAPPY! I can’t believe it but this is TRUE! I love travelling and my favourite German boy allows me to do what I love! This is absolutely amazing 🙂 And I am speechless… I have always dreamt about Dortmund, I am so keen on Hamburg, and I have always dreamt to see the difference between two different Frankfurts: Frankfurt (Oder) and Frankfurt am Main. Additionaly, I have never dared to dream about Italy because I knew it may be too beautiful as for me… But now it just happens! And I am totally astonished to be about to visit the place!

Honestly, I have already started to make plans but we all know that if you want to make god laugh tell him about your plans and I may be worried a bit but the excitement wins. I would love to buy all the summer dresses now and simply feel good and beautiful 🙂 I am really happy that there are loads of possibilities for the otfit because if I won’t find anything in stores for adults then I can go to kids’ store and have something there without any problem 🙂 just saying ;D let me feel fashion queen at least for once in my life! ;D

I don’t have too much money but… it’s all about the seeing, not the buying!

I don’t want to buy things there but, of course, I’ll have something to bring home and send my pen friend Dianita (who has never been to Europe) because I want her to feel Europe a bit and I love her (even if it is just a pen friendship then it is worth all the gold and diamonds because we  have been writing each other since ten or eleven years, I guess, and she was always there for me; it is hard to find such person in real life, like here and now, after all. All the more I appreciate that I got to know her.

And so it goes! I am so happy about the trip that I felt that I must to write it down somewhere there 🙂


Autor: mofosuperheroe

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