I wish making decisions was easier

It turns out that the vision of three days spent in Milan and another three days in Venice makes me panic. How come? I have never been to Italy before so as a reasonable traveller I wanted to read something about the cities where I am going to spend some tme (not too much, though, but anyways).

Milan – too many tourist as for the area of the city; Duoamo di Milano is the biggest church in Italy and strongly recommended; a lot of pickpockets (I hate thievery) everywhere; Vittorio Emmanuele is a city gallery so beautiful inside – must see ; Sforza Castle – I’d love to see it, and Sempione Park – I don’t know if I can do it but I’d love to try to visit the place. It is said that one day is enough to see Milan… I’ll check it!

Venice – described as very beautiful but very expensive at the same time. I read that Vince is more beautiful than people know it from different newspapers, TV, etc.

I don’t know yet how I wish my days were organised there.

I am very nervous about every single detail of the trip and that’s why I panic.

Contrary to Italy, I am not so nervous about Germany; I love spending time in Germany and it’s always fun for me.

They say that if you won’t try, you’d know nothing so… I’m excited about the journey but nervous at the same time. Nevertheless, no risk, no fun!

What are your experiences with italian cities? I would really LOVE TO KNOW!

take care of yourselves! :*


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