Croatia – how much I miss you!

Croatia. I love Croatia. Totally. I want to get back to the beautiful landscapes I experienced there. I miss the shingle beach which was something new for me. Something new and really exciting! Pictures taken in Makarska ❤


It may sound weird to you but I was at the beach for the first time when I was 24 and it was in Croatia. I was interested in absolutely everything I found at the beach (and not only there, Croatia is a land of EVERYTHING NEW, FRESH, BEAUTIFUL!


I totally loved it and I miss it! I want to come back! Who’s going with me? 🙂


And a short look at Dubrovnik – I totally recommend you the city which is famous for its monuments, architecture, local cuisine and night life. Dubrovnik is entered into UNESCO World Cultural Heritage – if you once visit the city, you want to come back again and again. That’s what I feel now: I need more of Dubrovnik!

DubrovnikPeople of Croatia are so cordial that once you meet them, you don’t want to leave them anymore. I wish I knew more such people 🙂 It seems that they just enjoy every single day of their lives – or I would say more – they celebrate it! They always smile and are very helpful; whatever you need, they are there for you. They appreciate what they have and share that with others. Isn’t it too beautiful to be true? It’s not! This is what paradise on earth is – Croatia 🙂 It’s impossible to tell you everything because it’s so much to say… I wish you all can experience it ;*


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