London is what beauty and class are.

What do I like about London? Everything. Impressive views, British accent (I know there are different British accents across England, though), people, but mostly… worship and respect to the Monarchy of the United Kingdom ❤

That is something I don’t know from my experience. What I mean is that electing a president every four or five years isn’t the same as the tradition which has survived hundreds years and brings the best to the country.

Now have a look and tell me, is there any chance not to fall in love? 🙂


I felt so good in the city that I could stand there on the bridge and worship the beauty til the end of my life. For me, as I’ve studied English studies, the time in London was an extraordinary experience 🙂


Of course. as a nature lover, I love to enjoy my time in different parks, here: Regent’s Park Queen Mary’s Gardens


You may not know yet but I’m also very keen on history; it was all about history of Poland at the beginning, Nazi Germany issues, then history of England and the United States; here at Imperial War Museum in London


What is a trip without souvenirs? I don’t know, either! This is what I have brought home and use til this day! I totally love it! I couldn’t forgo this cute little wallet 🙂




Hope to come back to London some day. It is a wonderful European capital with beautiful traditions ❤ God save the Queen! ❤

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