Hamburg, please.

I don’t want to die anywhere in the world. Well, I mean I don’t want to die on the battlefield. It doesn’t matter whether war, sort of riot against the hegemony of the United States or battle with my own self. It’s not the way the world should look like.

I understand all kinds of protests and basically we need to stand up against all the unjust world policy but people, please, do it without any threat to others.

As the civilisation, we won’t achieve anything by fighting and killing. Don’t spread the hatred if you don’t want your children to live in such world.

It’s not like we have to agree for everything, we mustn’t! But I think 21st century requires something else, maybe something more than constant fighting and killing.

Right wing, left wing… Couldn’t we be just PEOPLE? Live and let live? We, united, can do much more than we, diveded.

In two weeks time I’m going to Hamburg. Hopefully, I’m safe there and I’m having great time with great people! ❤




Autor: mofosuperheroe

Join me in this ride called life!


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