Siblings and this unconditional relation.

It’s nice to have siblings, definitely. I wish everyone had such great and lovely siblings as I do. And I really mean it; you won’t find such an unconditional relation anywhere in the world.

Of course, we are only humans and we all have got our ups and downs, we all live in a world filled with tension to the brim, we all face problems with our friends or society in general… Different things can happen. Misunderstandings, quarrels, temporary expressions of hatred, lack of time…

Basically, we live as we die – alone, but could you imagine that you can enjoy your trip, adventure, gift (whatever you call your beautiful life) simply by sharing your time with others? The first place always belongs to siblings 🙂

Why am I writing this? Today I spent a lovely day with my sister and her daughter Zosia. Zosia is now over 2 months old and she’s the second daughter of my sister. The first was in a kid’s club so, naturally, I couldn’t spend my time with her. Ala (I’m using short names for both ladies) is always so full of energy that I feel like a granny when spending time with her. So, when I was at Zosia, I tried to talk to her in her own way as much as my brain could afford. And for the first time, Zosia did something beautiful that made me think joyfully OMG! SHE SAVVIES ME and I melted. She sounded like a happy baby and she smiled (I swear that a smile without teeth is the cutest smile on earth but honestly now I wouldn’t give up my teeth for the benefit of all the gold and diamonds in the world). But coming back to my sister – I think she doesn’t know it but I wouldn’t be the person I am now without her. It’s about my brother too but you know, it is usually so that girls stick together 🙂 We had a walk and spent great time. I am now frequently asking myself am I a good sister? because I see that my sister is the best gift I could ever get. I realise it now and I want her to feel it. What would I do if I were alone? I don’t know. But I learn everyday: APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE. And here, I want to say that I appreciate my sister more than she thinks.

Oh my, I am almost crying 🙂


Autor: mofosuperheroe

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