The end of independent judiciary in Poland – how I regret to live among the least intelligent people ever.

There has happened a lot of bad things in Poland since a political party PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – Law and Justice) won the parliamentary election in 2015. Quite a number of protests defending rights of different people have arisen, for instance:

  • Black Monday, widely known as Black Protest, when women went on strike against abortion ban all dressed up in black;
  • „East migration threatens Polish habitation” – a protest of Polish nationalists against migration of Ukrainians to Poland;
  • Constitutional Tribunal (Constitutional Court) – replacement of five judges elected during the parliamentary term of Civil Platform (PO) under pretence of disagreement with the Polish Constitution for judges elected by Law and Justice (PiS);
  • Devastation of one of the most precious primeval forests in Europe – Białowieża forest;
  • Takeover of Polish public television by the ruling party;
  • Education protests against the modification and transfer of elementary, secondary and high schools into the old systems schools and fear of job loss by a number of teachers;
  • Muslim immigrants – terrorists;
  • Non-muslim immigrants and non-white immigrants – terrorists;
  • Reform of Supreme Court of Poland – appointment of judges becomes a liability of the Minister of Justice and no more remains a liability of the President, what in fact is a politicisation of courts in general and the Minister of Justice takes control of the whole judiciary system;

and that’s not nearly all.

What did I do wrong to live in this land of profanity, widely accepted hatred, eternal condamnation so beautifully and publically supported by people who wish their fellows all tortures for not sharing their views? I don’t want this poison to get into my brain. Wake me up when it all stops, please.


Autor: mofosuperheroe

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