Milan – enjoy the view, watch for your hands and run fast :)

Milan is the city of wonders: wonderful views, wonderful tourists and wonderful vegan cuisine (not so popular, though), wonderful sun, wonderful antique churches and a well known, fabulous Vittorio Emanuele gallery. Enjoy ❤







Look what a beautiful vegan place I’ve visited in the Montebello Street 🙂 and what yummy things we had there 🙂 La Forchetta Verde ❤



Vittorio Emanuele Gallery – one of the world’s oldest shopping malls placed within a four-story double arcade in central Milan 🙂


Why am I suggesting to watch your hands and run fast? There are loads of people (mostly from Africa) who are hunting for tourist to sell them bracelets, each one is one euro. You never know when they catch you so in order to stay safe, put your hands in the pockets or hold them close to your body and in case you see some African Americans – run! 😀 Italy is a wonderful country ❤


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