Exploring Venice / Venedig erforschen

Have you ever thought that Venice may be far more beautiful than it is known from different media? The only way to find out about the uniqueness of the place is to visit it. And if you cannot do it right now, I’d like to offer you the beautiful pictures which we took in the city 🙂

Habt ihr schon daran gedacht, dass Venedig noch schöner als in verschiedene Media vorgestellt ist? Der einzige Weg um zu die Außergewöhnlichkeit von diesem Ort herausfinden ist der Besuch dahin. Und wenn ihr das augenblicklich nicht machen könntet, dann möchte ich euch die schöne Bilder anbieten, die wir in die Stadt gemacht haben 🙂

IMG_20170729_194953046_HDRThe view from our window – Die Sicht aus unserem Fenster 🙂

IMG_20170730_114624032IMG_20170730_114636330IMG_20170730_114701295IMG_20170730_120131537IMG_20170730_114758477IMG_20170730_120956709IMG_20170730_202224509_HDRIMG_20170730_115531261IMG_20170730_121442489IMG_20170730_115540998IMG_20170730_121621387As you can see, the water is not super crystal clear and to be honest you can smell it everywhere you go but it’s wonderful and unique 🙂 And when finally on the ground, time for some pizza!





IMG_20170730_162716794Did you know that Venice is also popular for its carnival? There are millions of masks to choose, just have a look 🙂 and above the masks you see what a friendly place for pigeons it is!!! 🙂 they sleep on the grass among people! and at the end – Venice by night ❤





I recommend you the city very much ❤ Venice is something more than just a „city of lovers” 🙂



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