Wrocław, WrocLOVE! Forever! :)

Wrocław was the next city I visited this summer. I totally fell in love, oh my, with absolutely everything from railway station to the main square, from Wroclaw ZOO to all vegan bars. Here you have the main station and square, enjoy 🙂




Right after the arrival we went to very delicious Wege Kuchnia Świata and had two beautiful babies: a burger and a falafel ❤

Did you know that Wrocław is the city of… dwarfs? 🙂 They are everywhere!

And loads of fountains! The one with balls was built at the time of EURO 2012 🙂


And more, more, more, more of the beauty 🙂





There are two monuments in Wrocław which were particularly touching to me, first referring to Katyn massacre from 1940 (NKVD) and the second to the WWII itself… So touching…



And Wrocław by night ❤


You MUST visit the city 🙂 It’s not even half as beautiful in the pictures as in reality ❤



Author: mofosuperheroe

The more love, the better :)

5 thoughts on “Wrocław, WrocLOVE! Forever! :)”

    1. The name is as original as the city ❤ and 'love' has the same representation as 'law' (Wroclaw written without Polish sign 'ł') so it makes perfect sense to write Wroclove ❤ sorry, I'm a linguist so I hear sounds everywhere 😀

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