Go and love yourself!

I don’t know what I hope for. Oh wait… hope for the best, expect the worst. Oh, that sentence could nicely sum up the story of my life. But do I want to sum up it now? Don’t I want to have a bit of additional time in my life?

I don’t know. Especially when I got this time when I face health problems. I wish it was diarrhea but it’s far more complicated… Oh, actually it may resemble diarrhea at some point; especially at the beginning and in the meantime. Contrary to diarrhea it doesn’t seem to be eager to stop.

In such harsh moments I try to find something positive within myself – this time, as always, my hair. I am very proud of it! Better? Better! (I’m not gonna eat Snickers, however).

I like myself even if lately my eyes have been causing a lot of pain. Whatever I do I feel the ache within my brain (the place where the eyes are stuck in the skull).

Actually, there are loads of other things I like about myself but I don’t want to sound too cheesy so I am not gonna enumerate them 🙂

Remember: don’t let people to make you hate your life! How to do it? Go and love yourself! There are no ugly people; no weak people, no medicore! It’s us who design our lives! ❤



Autor: mofosuperhero

Join me in this ride called life!


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