The World Dog Day on the 1st of July, 2018, was special in such sense that the awareness of humans regrding domestic pets, here: dogs, couldn’t get any better so everyone was posting their pictures with dogs and writing how much they mean. I love when people unite in such positive feelings. But I don’t like when people make use of such dates for their own gains.

And so: in Poland, there is this minister of parliament who had an idea to pay people for taking dogs away from shelters to their homes and give those people 1000 of Polish złoty. The idea was that people would use 1000 zł to cure dogs and buy them dog things. But what if somebody took many dogs from many different shelters to get 1000 zł many times and would kill all the animals eventually? The minister has had no plan for monitoring the whole process of adoption so far. I know, it sounds too drastic but what if…? People may say that it is a good thing because that money is for the needs of dogs but what if somebody would decide to make a business out of living and feeling creatures? The idea is just an absurd… If you want to adopt, do it for yourself and share the love. Don’t do it for money!

And it’s in the name of parliamentary elections… I can’t even imagine if similar things happen anywhere else in the world or is it just this sick mindset. One guy wrote me that similar solution functions in the Netherlands and I answered that the difference between the two national mindsets is too big to risk the lives of innocent living beings for such experiments. I AM WORRIED.


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