Death lurks everywhere – it was probably my turn.

Friday afternoon, well over thirty degrees, the sun high in the sky, many would say that this is how perfect Friday afternoon looks like. Basically, it was too perfect. Too perfect not to get worse.

Walking my dog is always a challenge. Mofo always pulls on the leash and this pulling became even more problematic when he gained weight and begun to weigh half of my body weight. Well, it is not a big problem because it’s me who’s higher, weighs more, has longer legs, longer arms and so on. But if suddenly something happens, I have no chances, literally. No one ever won with the animal instinct.

After a long walk – I always try to walk my dog for at least thirty minutes, may sound weird but it is kind of natural when you decide to get yourself a dog to devote a lot of your time to your dog – I sat down on a bench next to the block of flats I live in and begun to… I don’t know, let’s say, contemplate nature. There are still trees, grass but also a lot of sand in the yard (kind of common yard between different blocks of flats). Different people passing through the fence, even people walking their dogs. Everything’s cool. I haven’t smelt the death yet…

When my dog knows another dog, then he keeps calm but when he doesn’t know a dog which is behind a fence or fenced in any other way, then he becomes aggressive. And so it was this time. Mofo pulled the leash extremely hard when he saw a dog behind the fence and at the same time me, as the leash is no neverending story. I barely managed not to crash into the tree and fell down on my knees into the sand and had a short bath in this dirty thing. Almost a thirty-year-old and so weak?!

I was extremely mad but on the other hand… hey, it’s just a dog, dogs are kind of… well, we’re not supposed to understand animals, it’s enough to love them 😀

WrocLOVE! pt. 2 The Racławice Panorama and ZOO Wrocław

The art museum in Wrocław displays an increadibly massive (120 meters long, as far as I remember, and 15 meters wide) artwork which presents the Battle of Racławice which was one of the first battles of Polish Kościuszko Uprising against Russia from 1794.



It’s just a  part of The Racławice Panorama because in reality, we see the artwork in full panoramic view in the shape of Rotunda and it’s all 3D, really incredible ❤


We also went to the ZOO Wrocław, amazing!




I really hope all the animals there are just fine ❤

For more, visit Wrocław, you won’t ever regret it ❤

Wrocław, WrocLOVE! Forever! :)

Wrocław was the next city I visited this summer. I totally fell in love, oh my, with absolutely everything from railway station to the main square, from Wroclaw ZOO to all vegan bars. Here you have the main station and square, enjoy 🙂




Right after the arrival we went to very delicious Wege Kuchnia Świata and had two beautiful babies: a burger and a falafel ❤

Did you know that Wrocław is the city of… dwarfs? 🙂 They are everywhere!

And loads of fountains! The one with balls was built at the time of EURO 2012 🙂


And more, more, more, more of the beauty 🙂





There are two monuments in Wrocław which were particularly touching to me, first referring to Katyn massacre from 1940 (NKVD) and the second to the WWII itself… So touching…



And Wrocław by night ❤


You MUST visit the city 🙂 It’s not even half as beautiful in the pictures as in reality ❤


Exploring Venice / Venedig erforschen

Have you ever thought that Venice may be far more beautiful than it is known from different media? The only way to find out about the uniqueness of the place is to visit it. And if you cannot do it right now, I’d like to offer you the beautiful pictures which we took in the city 🙂

Habt ihr schon daran gedacht, dass Venedig noch schöner als in verschiedene Media vorgestellt ist? Der einzige Weg um zu die Außergewöhnlichkeit von diesem Ort herausfinden ist der Besuch dahin. Und wenn ihr das augenblicklich nicht machen könntet, dann möchte ich euch die schöne Bilder anbieten, die wir in die Stadt gemacht haben 🙂

IMG_20170729_194953046_HDRThe view from our window – Die Sicht aus unserem Fenster 🙂

IMG_20170730_114624032IMG_20170730_114636330IMG_20170730_114701295IMG_20170730_120131537IMG_20170730_114758477IMG_20170730_120956709IMG_20170730_202224509_HDRIMG_20170730_115531261IMG_20170730_121442489IMG_20170730_115540998IMG_20170730_121621387As you can see, the water is not super crystal clear and to be honest you can smell it everywhere you go but it’s wonderful and unique 🙂 And when finally on the ground, time for some pizza!





IMG_20170730_162716794Did you know that Venice is also popular for its carnival? There are millions of masks to choose, just have a look 🙂 and above the masks you see what a friendly place for pigeons it is!!! 🙂 they sleep on the grass among people! and at the end – Venice by night ❤





I recommend you the city very much ❤ Venice is something more than just a “city of lovers” 🙂


Milan – enjoy the view, watch for your hands and run fast :)

Milan is the city of wonders: wonderful views, wonderful tourists and wonderful vegan cuisine (not so popular, though), wonderful sun, wonderful antique churches and a well known, fabulous Vittorio Emanuele gallery. Enjoy ❤







Look what a beautiful vegan place I’ve visited in the Montebello Street 🙂 and what yummy things we had there 🙂 La Forchetta Verde ❤



Vittorio Emanuele Gallery – one of the world’s oldest shopping malls placed within a four-story double arcade in central Milan 🙂


Why am I suggesting to watch your hands and run fast? There are loads of people (mostly from Africa) who are hunting for tourist to sell them bracelets, each one is one euro. You never know when they catch you so in order to stay safe, put your hands in the pockets or hold them close to your body and in case you see some African Americans – run! 😀 Italy is a wonderful country ❤

The trip and so much to tell!

It was crazy and beautiful: Düsseldorf – Hamburg – Milan – Venice – Dortmund – Düsseldorf! I am so impressed and want to tell the whole world how wonderful the trip was but I need time… First, I need to take a breath. Later on, I can show you beautiful places in those cities and tell you a bunch of funny and sometmes irritating stories, especially from Italy! OMG, I experienced things which I haven’t known yet 😀

The end of independent judiciary in Poland – how I regret to live among the least intelligent people ever.

There has happened a lot of bad things in Poland since a political party PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – Law and Justice) won the parliamentary election in 2015. Quite a number of protests defending rights of different people have arisen, for instance:

  • Black Monday, widely known as Black Protest, when women went on strike against abortion ban all dressed up in black;
  • “East migration threatens Polish habitation” – a protest of Polish nationalists against migration of Ukrainians to Poland;
  • Constitutional Tribunal (Constitutional Court) – replacement of five judges elected during the parliamentary term of Civil Platform (PO) under pretence of disagreement with the Polish Constitution for judges elected by Law and Justice (PiS);
  • Devastation of one of the most precious primeval forests in Europe – Białowieża forest;
  • Takeover of Polish public television by the ruling party;
  • Education protests against the modification and transfer of elementary, secondary and high schools into the old systems schools and fear of job loss by a number of teachers;
  • Muslim immigrants – terrorists;
  • Non-muslim immigrants and non-white immigrants – terrorists;
  • Reform of Supreme Court of Poland – appointment of judges becomes a liability of the Minister of Justice and no more remains a liability of the President, what in fact is a politicisation of courts in general and the Minister of Justice takes control of the whole judiciary system;

and that’s not nearly all.

What did I do wrong to live in this land of profanity, widely accepted hatred, eternal condamnation so beautifully and publically supported by people who wish their fellows all tortures for not sharing their views? I don’t want this poison to get into my brain. Wake me up when it all stops, please.