I am pretty sure you all have already heard about the action #metoo (women confess that they were victims of sexual harassment) and different reactions to the issue.

Shame on all those who justify horrible situations.

THIS IS YOU WHO SETS YOUR LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES. The sense of comfort and security of your own self is defined by yourself and nobody ever has the right to tell you what sexual, erotic or quasi-regular behaviour is and push YOUR limits and boundaries to the level of sexual harassment.

Don’t be afraid to say NO whenever you feel that this is too much. NOBODY is allowed to play on your fear. Never.

I am very honoured to live among women aware of their rights. Those women are so strong and brave that every man should learn how to be strong and brave in the same way without being a dickhead, abusing children and women sexually, as well as being a bad, sexually and psychologically unfullfilled human.


Alexandra K – vegan bags and accessories

I have always wanted to have an elegant and chic bag to take with me to celebrations, parties, meetings, etc. However, it shouldn’t be any kind of leather bag (leather? really? 21st century, hello?) so I was constantly looking for a vegan option and I was searching mainly in the UK, US and Germany. It turns out, however, that there is no need to go into space to find beautiful and chic bags! (a vegan bags are still more difficult to find than soy milk or tempeh burger)

Alexandra K – remember this name and check it out! I’m speechless how many vegan bags and accessories are there! I am so in love with a red heart shaped purse! Just have a look! ❀

heart shaped purse

I am so in love with the bag that I’ll be saving money til the death! πŸ˜€ In my opinion, it is very motivating to buy ONE elegant thing than 10 of a poor quality or costing a life of an innocent animal. A fashion without killing exists, is powerful and beautiful!

http://www.alexandrak.co/   online shop worth a visit of every elegant woman! ❀

What do guys like?

Making decisions is the worst thing on earth. Especially when it comes to decide which sexy costume or lingerie set should I buy. I love everything but you don’t usually pay in emotions so it doesn’t matter that I have no money for such pleasures and I’ll have to pay, anyways. So, my choice must be well-thought-out! What do guys like? OK, I know, on the one hand it doesn’t matter because a girl is gonna end up naked anyways but on the other hand it builds up atmosphere… So, what would be the best? Can you advise anything? Dessous or lingerie sets? Do colours matter? πŸ˜€ I am so excited that I have so many weird questions πŸ˜€

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, also called a fear of ugliness, is a mental disorder affecting psyche to the point where people become obsessed with a particular part of the body. It is the fear relating to the belief in unaesthetic aspects of own body.

Do you even imagine that it is more serious than you could ever think?

Suicidal ideations relate to 78% of people affected by the disorder and 24% of people commit suicide.

Have you ever thought about the reasons for BDD?

Celebrities who put more and more substances in their bodies, doing workout 24 hours per day? Do you thnk it’s OK?

The trends set by unidentified groups, psychological games with botox causing deficiency of emotions, pressure to become fit, waistline (no more than 60 cm), Kim-Kardashian-lips style, Instagram fake beauties as an ideal of beauty… Isn’t it too much?

Do you atill wonder that people are lost in this reality of conceit, vanity, greed and shit?

The research conducted under the leadership of Dr Katharine Philips (http://www.katharinephillipsmd.com/)Β  indicated what body parts attract the greates attention of the affected people, these are:

  • skin,
  • hair,
  • nose,
  • belly,
  • eyes,

and so on.

Please, think about different people.

Who affects us the most? Celebrities. They are everywhere. That’s how our culture works now. Teenagers have their idols and get inspired. Unfortuately, the majority of today’s celebrities and people with a great power aren’t worth anything, sad but true. NOBODY conveys good messages to the world.

Desire to be rich, beautiful, young, admired… Where is the place for BEING HUMAN?



No idea for the evening meal? That’s what I did today and it’s extra yummy! πŸ™‚

I fried tofu with basil and onion. After 7-10 min. added sweetcorn and after another 4-5 min. added one spoon of tomato pulp. Mixed very carefully and added salt and pepper.


Edit: to make it even better, I added tiny bits of pickled cucumbers to the dish πŸ™‚

The most beautiful aspect of football :)

Yesterday, one of my favourite football players, Robert Lewandowski did something great and beautiful. It’s not about the goal he scored against Montenegro in the 2018 World Cup eliminations. It’s about how he came on the football pitch.


Robert Lewandowski fullfilled the dream of little Franek and said that they have been friends since they first met and will be friends forever πŸ™‚ Franek calls the football player his friend now πŸ™‚

One of the best comments on the situation was – Great hero coming on the pitch accompanied by… Robert Lewandowski ❀

I think that’s what I like about football the most: making dreams come true πŸ™‚

EDIT: today, one day after the game, Lewandowski graduated with Bachelor’s degree! Congratulations, Champion! πŸ˜€