There are people who try to kill my inner beauty

But I get stronger every time I need to face the stupidity

People convince me that I am indestructible

I am too self-confident for all the morons

He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword

It’ll catch you someday and your inner beauty…


Don’t you really regret that you haven’t met me before

Your life would look differently and you’d get the love you deserve

No fake girlfriend by your side and no fake emtions around

No world where money rules lives just us holding our hands

Suddenly they bring pain, the syringe with liquid inside

They think I’m sick just because I make confessions at times…



Something about fried tofu… ;)

I must sincerely tell you that I love fried tofu. I would die for fried tofu after I die for my family and my dog. I do not know any other thing in the world that could ever taste better than fried tofu in a sweet and sour sauce. Well, it is not a big thing to buy yourself a dish with a fried tofu but it’s the thing to prepare your meal all by yourself! 🙂 And that’s why I would like to ask you: what are your favourite tofu recipes? Let me try them out!!! 😀



My thoughts…

Who do I want to be? I don’t have a particular dream. For me, this life is to enjoy. I don”t want to live like this: working all days long to die all alone. We live only once and this is our honour to make this world beautiful. Every child smile and every dog wave its tail, every horse run free and cow care for its family. Respect the nature and fear its power. Climb mountains but never be sure that you may be stronger than stone. Sing poetry but never be sure that you can be more beautiful than beautiful words. Share the love ❤