Too fragile to live…


Have you ever wondered how much people hide? Of course, you didn’t simply because why?

The fear overcomes me that I am one of those who want to but can’t, they fade in the crowd.

There’s no place to call one’s own, those concepts are vague.

Why is it so difficult to decide on own life?



Poetry of sunny Friday


Don’t fear to show your true self

No matter how many people spit at you

And how many turn their back on you

You can look in the mirror and you’re ok with what you see

Nobody has to understand you and not too many will do it

But at the end of the day you can proudly say that you didn’t hurt anybody

And that’s beautiful.

People will tell you what is right and what is wrong. They will judge your intention, circumstances, reasons and everything possibe. People will accuse you of things you wouldn’t usually think about. This is so pathetic. But no matter what happens, if you find your inner strength you’ll know that they aren’t worth your time. Let go of all the negative people and emotions ❤